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In a country of heterogeneous composition the issue becomes more pronounced.In the very beginning, Shklar quotes Judge Learned Hand.

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American citizens have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, we have freedom!

We also have the Bill of Rights, which includes the 10 amendments.

Or, instead of worrying about making the immigrants into Americans, should we perhaps challenge conventional understandings of who is an American and what it means to be an American?

These questions will soon lead us to familiar debates about multiculturalism, language, education for citizenship, Americanization, and shared public values. It sets questions about the responsibilities, entitlements, and mutual expectations of citizens and immigrants in the context of our aspirations for America.

I'm a privileged immigrant compared with most, of course, but an immigrant and descendant of immigrants nevertheless, and the immigration and citizenship policies of the U. I am a political theorist, so, inevitably, I want to begin my analysis with some distinctions.

In addressing the questions posed at the outset about the nature and meaning of American citizenship for immigrants, we may find it helpful to keep in mind three distinct but interrelated aspects of citizenship: citizenship as legal status, citizenship as identity, and citizenship as ideal.My wife (who is also an American and a professor) and I went to Canada in 1985 because that was where we were able to find two good academic jobs.We bought a house, had our two children, and came to think of Toronto and Canada as home.In American Citizenship, Judith Shklar identifies the right to vote and the right to work as the defining social rights and primary sources of public respect.Shklar has produced a compelling argument that the right to vote and the right to a job, neither of which was written into the constitution, are nevertheless necessary for full and equal American citizenship.Since the attack on September 11, most may feel a little different towards Muslims.Some believe that most of the Muslims agree and support...One of the amendments is Amendment 3, which says; no soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.In many other countries, soldiers can be quartered in your house without your consent. Americans are not obligated to fight for their country, but they choose to. English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution Česky: Originál Listiny práv, prvních deseti dodatků k Ústavě Spojených států amerických Deutsch: Die Bill of Rights genannten ersten zehn Zusatzartikel zur US-amerika by Wikipedia. Thousands of people went to work that morning and did not come home that night.For example, about citizenship as a legal status, we might want to ask, how does it matter and who should get it? " question is to ask how the legal rights and duties of American citizens should differ from those of legal permanent residents the question I will pursue in the second half of this essay. " question leads us to an inquiry into the conditions of naturalization (and also perhaps into a discussion of birthright citizenship).Citizenship as identity raises another set of questions.


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