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He also helped establish the English literary congregation, ‘Kit-Cat Club’, which had powerful political connections.

Bird '21 Essays of Joseph Addison; 3 1924 013 167 428 The original of tiiis book is in tine Cornell University Library. DJ^37-a HONORARY FELLOW OF JESUS COLLEGE, OXFORD THE ROGER DE GOVERLEY CLUB LONDON AND NEW YORK EDITION DE LUXE This Edition of Addison's Essays is limited to One Thousand copies, printed for subscribers only jf^ JZl ' stooped down to take up an huge stone in his hand : ' \y" /but to his infinite surprise grasped nothing, and found the supposed stone to be only the apparition of one.

he cou M-express it by nothing "but his tears, which ran like a river down his cheeks as he looked upon her.

He had not stood in this posture long, before he plunged into the stream that lay before him ; and finding it to be nothing but the phantom of a river, stalked on the bottom of it till he arose on the other side.

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. Y S OF tt: JOSEPH ADDISON 6,^ _ 1^1 c^ CHOSEN AND EDITED BY JOHN RICHARD GRECN. If he was disappointed on this side, he W^s as much pleased on the other, when he found the lion, which had seized on his left shoulder, had no power to hurt him, and was only the ghost of that ravenous creature which it appeared to be.

He no sooner got rid of his impotent enemy, but he marched up to the wood, and after having surveyed it for some time, endeavored THE TALE OF MARRATON.

She had made it b^ond imaginafebn, and was every day adding sometlmtg' new k/i W As Marraton stood astonished at the unspeakable beajgty of her habitation, and rav- ished witn Hhfe""^ja)g?

a QCTHhat came from every part of it, Yaratilda told him that she was preparing this bower for his reception, as well knowing that his piety to his God, and his faithful dealing towards men, would certainly bring him to that happy place, whenever his life should be at an end.

At his approach Yaratilda flew into his arms, whilst JMarrato n wished himself disencum bered of tha Lbody which_ j£&p.t-lteg4rom.

Jiis embracesr~''Ttftsr' ^-ffla^ ny questi o ns 3Jid --&B4€ajgmenteon~'^S^jy^ she conouj CT&Jmnitb a Bower wmc Bs Ke had" dressed with her own hands with all the ornaments that could be met with in those blooming regions.


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