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The concluding sentence is the last sentence of the paragraph and is called the concluding sentence because it signals the end of the paragraph.The concluding sentence is similar to the topic sentence in that they are both general sentences.

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A paragraph is a basic unit of organization for writing a group of sentences that develops one main idea.

The first two or three sentences of an introduction should make general statements about the topic, and they should lead up to the thesis statement.

The number of general statements you will actually use in an introduction depends on how long your essay will be.

The concluding sentence can be written in two ways: it can restate the topic sentence in different words or it can summarize the main points in the paragraph.

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A concluding sentence often begins with “In conclusion…or In summary…” There are very good concluding sentences that can communicate the end of the paragraph without using these phrases.

The last paragraph of the essay is the summary paragraph.

It restates the thesis and supporting ideas in the body of the essay.

Here you are welcome to find some tips concerning the most important essay aspects to tell your students about.

Step by step, you will make it much easier for them to understand the principles of essay writing and their importance for their future practice.


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