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There are all sorts of negative emotions that come with not accepting personal responsibility.When you blame others, you may feel anger or resentment towards that person. The worst part about denying responsibility is an overall sense of powerlessness.While you might not get crushed by a giant arch if you make mistakes, you still have personal responsibility for your actions. It is taking conscious control of your responses to the events and circumstances in your life.

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It’s so easy to say, “I didn’t get the TPS reports done on time because so-and-so didn’t send me the information!

"When you blame another person, you give up control of the situation and your ego feels a little bit better.

What you do with your life and what you have done already is up to you.“But Mike!

Things happen to me that I have no control over all the time! And while you may not be able to control everything that happens to you, you are nevertheless responsible for how you think, act, and feel in response to those things. If you “give" someone else any of the responsibility, you take it off yourself and can use it as an excuse to slack off when the going gets rough.

It is rare for someone to willingly and without hesitation fess up for their mistakes, so when you do, you will stick out.

If you develop a reputation for being the guy who accepts responsibility for his actions, people will often simply ignore the fact that you made a mistake altogether.Any goal that you want to achieve is within your control, and external circumstances don’t control your fate.Personal responsibility is also the foundation for personal development in general.“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does."Jean-Paul Sartre By accepting personal responsibility, you gain the freedom to create your own life, any way you want it.When you admit to yourself that you are solely responsible for your life, you immediately recognize how much control you really do have.“If you own this story you get to write the ending." ― Brené Brown Ancient Romans understood the concept of personal responsibility.After a Roman arch was completed, the engineer who built it had to stand underneath it when the scaffolding was removed.“Every excuse I ever heard made perfect sense to the person who made it." ― Dr. Drubin Making excuses is similar to blaming others, except it involves blaming circumstances instead of people.When you set new goals, you often have a sort of “backup excuse" in case you are to fail.But even if it’s their fault, you are still responsible.The fact remains that you didn’t do what you had to get done, regardless of whose fault it was.


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