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It is a story of Guido who is a young Italian Jew and starts loving a lady.With the help of the funny version of the movie, he tries to tell the audience 'how the Jews were sent to the concentration camps and how he saved his son's life?Schlomo died sometime before the liberation as he was ill, so SS officers took him one night and he was probably killed but Guido died when he was trying to save his wife and son.

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Despite this recognition, a sizable assemblage of dissenters began expressing disapproval and even disgust with Benigni’s choice of setting and subject matter as the film began to see release outside of Italy.

Although the specifics of the complaints these doubters raised varied slightly, the overarching accusation was that the levity with which Benigni’s Guido greeted his confinement in a Nazi concentration camp was somehow disrespectful to the survivors of the real-life Holocaust.

The book starts when he with his family lived in Sighet, an area in Hungary.

In addition, German and the Hungarian police set up the ghettoes where all Jews lived.

' Comparison and contrast between Elie Wiesel of 'Night' and Joshua of 'Life is beautiful'.

Elie plays the role of main character and the narrator of the story in Night and Joshua is not the main character of the story but he is the narrator of the story as well.

' I think that the film is presumably intended as a tribute to the powers of imagination, innocence, and love in the most harrowing of circumstances.

, the 1997 concentration camp tragicomedy directed by, co-written, and starring Italian film comedian Roberto Benigni, garnered worldwide critical and popular acclaim, record-setting profits, and several prestigious awards, including three Academy Awards and the Cannes film festival’s Grand Prix.

She soon realizes that she returns his love for her, and they get married.

They soon have a son, who they very much adore - Joshua.


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