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By outsourcing hazardous tasks, human workers will be less prone to injury or death.If robots are able to extinguish fires or disarm bombs efficiently, society too will be safer.

The longest and highest-value questions you might be asked by AQA in the A-level are 16-mark essay questions which you should spend 20-25 minutes on.

There are 2 type of essay question and you will usually be asked to answer both types for each exam: Paper 1: Out of the 4 topics (Memory, Social Influence, Attachment, Psychopathology) you will usually be asked 1 ‘discuss’ 16-mark question and 1 ‘context’ 16-mark question.

If you’ve been preparing for IELTS for a while, you’re probably familiar with the different Task 2 essay types.

If you’re just starting out or if your test is in a couple of nights of sleep, you might be feeling a bit stressed about all the possible questions and topics you might encounter on test day. You might get an essay topic asking for In fact, many candidates forget this basic principle and the result can be disastrous.

Before expecting students to perform well on either type of essay question, we must make sure that they have the required skills to excel.

Following are four skills that students should have learned and practiced before taking essay exams: One of the downfalls of essay tests is that they lack in reliability.In the health sector, even though some may worry that robots lack the empathy and understanding of a human worker, the fact is that demand for healthcare workers exceeds supply in many places, which means there is a dire need for extra help.This demand could well be met by robots with artificial intelligence in the decades to come.Students find AO3 skills more difficult than AO1 skills. Students score worse on AO3 skills than AO1 skills and are often ‘poor’ at demonstrating them. Students tend to write too much on AO1 material and not enough on AO3 material.Is the theory you are discussing supported by valid research evidence.In conclusion, the potential of robotics is unimaginable.This essay discussed just a few areas in which this technology could benefit us.Even when teachers grade essays with a well-constructed rubric, subjective decisions are made.Therefore, it is important to try and be as reliable as possible when scoring your essay items.Your real opinion doesn’t matter; this is about getting a good IELTS score.In the last 100 years, technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate.


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