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While deterrence is great, the death penalty still is not.

While deterrence is great, the death penalty still is not.

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An inmate killing another inmate is also something that, by the economic argument those in favor of the death penalty attempt to use, will benefit society as we no longer have to pay for the deceased inmate’s incarceration expenses.

It should also be stressed that once a heinous crime has been committed, there are probably few if any deterrents to further crimes to avoid arrest and trial, especially if there is the prospect of the death penalty being applied to the initial criminal act.

In Dudley Sharp’s 1997 paper, “Death Penalty and Sentencing [Dis]Information”, Sharp argues that with no death penalty and only life without parole, there is no deterrent for [life without parole] inmates killing others while in prison or after escape.

I think that the amount of crime in Canada would increase and the murder rate would increase.

If people can do something and think that they can get away with it then they are most likely going to try to do just that.


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