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Here is an outline example: In persuasive writing, the introduction paragraph tends to be longer than in other academic essays.This is because all sides of the controversial must be introduced and defined.The most important part of the paragraph is the analysis section; this is where you make your case for supporting or weakening an argument.

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It helps you demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and create a context for your arguments.

After reading your thesis statement, a reader should be able to understand your position and recognize your expertise in a particular field.

The final part of your introduction should cover the .

A thesis statement is a brief summary that describes the main argument of your paper.

All of your claims should be supported with proper examples – illustrate ideas with the help of vivid examples.

Reflecting on your own real-life experiences can be just as good as using more conventional examples.

Tips for a great introduction While there are five kinds of sentences, there will likely be more than five sentences in the paragraph.

There may be several background sentences, and in your research, you may find quotations from several different sources to include in one paragraph…that’s great!

A thesis statement is usually only , but it can sometimes extend to a full paragraph.

You are not presenting any evidence since it is merely a description of intent at this stage.


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