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The number of accused young persons who were charged includes those who were recommended for charging by police in provinces in which the prosecutor makes the decision on charging.Young persons who were not charged include youths diverted from the court process through the use of warnings, referrals to community programs, cautions and pre-charge extrajudicial sanctions.

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There have been declines in court cases in all provinces and territories, with declines of more than 20 percent in seven jurisdictions.

Court cases have declined significantly in all major offence categories.

A conference can be a restorative mechanism that is focused on developing proposals for repairing the harm done to the victim of the young person’s offence.

It can also be a professional case conference in which professionals discuss how the young person’s needs can best be met and how services in the community can be coordinated to assist the young person.

Under the legislation, a conference is defined as a group of people brought together to give advice to a police officer, judge, justice of the peace, prosecutor, provincial director or youth worker who is required to make a decision under the A conference can be composed of a variety of people depending on the situation.

It can include the parents of the young person, the victim, others who are familiar with the young person and his or her neighbourhood, and community agencies or professionals with a particular expertise that is needed for a decision.

In over a century of youth justice legislation in Canada, there have been three youth justice statutes: the .

These concerns included the overuse of the courts and incarceration in less serious cases, disparity and unfairness in sentencing, a lack of effective reintegration of young people released from custody, and the need to better take into account the interests of victims.

Conferences operated without legislative authority and in an informal manner.

Conferences can take the form of family group conferencing, youth justice committees, community accountability panels, sentencing circles and inter-agency case conferences.


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