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Soccer is a sport widely known and loved throughout Europe, but little in the United States.

Water polo and soccer are not too different from each other as people would believe.

Soccer is a sport widely known and loved throughout Europe, but little in the United Just like soccer, water polo is extremely popular within Europe, but in the States the demand for the sport is not as high.

But the threat of missing a sporting event is usually enough for me to work efficiently during the day. Some nights it’s a huge relief to fall asleep on time instead of listlessly editing a draft or watching Netflix until the early morning hours.

This early bedtime makes waking up less painful, so I can get into lab on time the next day.

Soccer players must also arm themselves with shin pads to protect themselves.

To men and women who do not follow the sport, it may seem quiet easy, but in reality it is far from it.When it comes to rules, referees are very picky and allow very little foul play.One common ground for both sports would be the use of a ball about the same size.Just like a soccer player would use his or her foot work to get around a defender, the polo player uses moves to break free from the defender and advance down the pool.Teams will wear matching uniforms, but since they are in water they wear head caps with their number and team color on it, so they can differentiate the players.Along with the flow of the game, since players are constantly on the move to either defend the ball, score, or get the ball away from their opponent.I am a sixth-year graduate student in the physiology, biophysics and systems biology program at Weill Cornell Graduate School.Although soccer and water polo are popular in America today many athletes have come to love these two unique sports.Both sports are physically exhausting, demanding all an athlete has to offer to the game.They test the limit of the body and push it into the next level of competition.To a new comer these two vicious sports seem drastically different, but when it comes to the basics no two sports could be more alike.


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