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China is a rising power but its preoccupations are likely to be focused on Asia.Further afield it will concentrate, as it is doing at present, on securing the resources it needs for its economy, while probably being reluctant to intervene in far-off conflicts where it has little at stake.The banner written in Urdu reads "unacceptable." Preventing another Great War: Lessons from 1914 November 2013, Brookings event The World America Made 2012, Robert Kagan The Foreign Policy of the European Union: Assessing Europe's Role in the World 2012, Federiga Bindi (ed.) Power & Responsibility: Building International Order in an Era of Transnational Threats 2009, Bruce Jones, Carlos Pascual and Stephen Stedman The Great Experiment: The Story of Ancient Empires, Modern States, and The Quest for a Global Nation 2008, Strobe Talbott Is the U. now reaching the end of its tether, as Britain did before it?

China is a rising power but its preoccupations are likely to be focused on Asia.

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The hope of a coalition of democracies, from Asia to America, willing to intervene in the name of humanitarianism or international stability, reminds me of the old story of the mice and the cat—who is going to be first to put the bell around the animal’s neck?

As for public opinion, the citizenry within individual countries, preoccupied with domestic issues, has become increasingly unwilling to fund or take part in foreign adventures.

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The Israel Defense Forces targeted urban infrastructure in Gaza, devastating populated areas as they attempted to end the barrage of Qassam rockets fired indiscriminately by Hamas toward southern Israeli cities.

The war ended inconclusively in January, when Israel declared a unilateral cease-fire amid concerns about mounting civilian casualties.

Two recent books explore that dilemma by examining the relationship between the laws of war and civilian protection during battle.

Meanwhile, Stephen Rockel and Rick Halpern argue in that the current international regulations are too weak, permitting and even enabling states to harm civilians during combat.

S., perhaps without reflecting, continued to act as the world’s hegemon, assuming responsibilities that ranged from stabilizing the international economy to ensuring security.

The long agony of Bosnia finally came to an end in 1995 when American pressure in combination with NATO military action persuaded the Serbs to enter into the Dayton Agreement.


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