Essay On Traditional Marriage In Nigeria

The celebrant’s friends stand around to pick up the 50, 100, 200, 500 Naira notes that fall by the celebrant’s feet.

Then the MC or someone else gives a closing prayer, guests collect their gifts and go home with full stomachs and poorer hearing than they arrived with.

Marriage among the Yorubas (part 1 of 2) Marriage among the Yorubas (part 2 of 2) Guests at the engagement sit under tents out of the hot sun, chatting, eating and drinking.

Everyone is dressed in native Yoruba attire, iro, buba and gele around the head for the woman, and buba with sokoto for the man.

The average Nigerian adult has attended hundreds of weddings.

While each of the aforementioned celebrations have qualities that make it unique, they all share a common order of events. The MC then introduces the important guests seated at the high table.On the other hand, some societies are very strict with their practices and strive to maintain and preserve their culture by teaching the customs to the people and practicing them frequently. The Nigerian people follow specific rules and customs in regards to marriage practices, social status, and superstitions.The marriage custom is one specific aspect of their culture that is strictly enforced for all men and women of the society.The man’s family is supposed to pay the family of the bride a certain amount of money to marry the girl.This custom, along with many others, is demonstrated in the novel, The Bride Price, by Buchi Emecheta, when the main character, a young girl named Aku-nna, falls in love with a man named Chike, who comes from a family in which the people were once slaves.Here we see yams, bananas, other food stuffs and oil. The bride and groom's family sit on opposite sides of the aisle.Throughout the world, there are numerous cultures that practice various customs and traditions.When Aku-nna gets pregnant soon after, the Nigerian superstition is up held and she dies while giving birth to her child.Through Aku-nna’s upbringing, relationships, and experiences, the reader is able to gain an understanding of the customs and traditions followed in Nigerian society.The women acknowledge the fact that it is their responsibility to do so and comply without arguments. It was said, “if the bride price was not paid, she would never survive the birth of her first child” (168).When Aku-nna’s father told her to make dinner, she does so willingly in orde... Okonkwo would still not accept the bride price, no matter how much money was offered because “he still refused to consent to give his daughter to a slave” (162).


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