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School lunch in America has been a topic of debate for quite a long time.

The essay will begin with a consideration of recent efforts in this regard.

Then, the essay will turn to the problem of cost when it comes to school lunches; and after this, it will discuss the problem of children simply not eating healthier lunches even when such lunches are made available to them.

In any event, it will now be worth turning to two specific issues regarding the plight of healthier school lunch programs in America.

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The first of these has to do with cost, both in terms of the money available to produce school meals and the money it costs to purchase those meals. "Sample Essay on Healthy School Lunches in America." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services. There is a second critical issue facing the push for healthier school lunches—an issue that is so obvious that one may almost be forgiven for having forgotten about it. One of the leading causes of obesity in children is not having access to healthy food. It would seem that in general, Michelle Obama's initiative has led to schools attempting to follow the letter of the law with respect to the regulations, sometimes or even often at the expense of the subjective quality of the food in terms of balance and taste. "Sample Essay on Healthy School Lunches in America." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services. This is somewhat ironic, to say the least, and it calls into question the very concept of the "healthy" itself, insofar as the concept does not seem to adequately take into account the way that children subjectively experience their food. The situation thus becomes one in which the government itself is the only primary stakeholder pushing for healthier school lunches but also refuses to invest the kind of money that would be required in order to actually make this happen. The economics of the matter thus tend to take precedence, and school lunches tend to remain how they are. Here, they are provided a healthy balanced meal and declining to eat it. Getting fresh fruits and vegetables onto lunch trays in public schools was only half the battle, because it turns out most kids still aren't eating them. Finally, the essay will critically reflect on the state of school lunches in America and attempt to get to the bottom of the real problem.While this sample reflects undergrad level essay writing, our team is ready and able to write on this subject at any level you require.


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