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Personality and Professional Traits My qualities as a Medical Transcriptionist range from the strongest to the weakest in this order; social, artistic, enterprising, investigative, conventional, and realistic.Having good social skills, I am able to do fulfill many of my job responsibilities as a Medical Transcriptionist. Type of Test: Projective Test using construction technique. Description of tests and subtests (briefly): The Thematic Apperception Test aims to reveal personality traits through a person’s construction of stories in response to a given set of pictures.Within a working environment, an individual with such a personality tends to be approachable and helps completion of organizational tasks as they tend to be team players rather than self-centered.

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One believes that an accurate assessment of one’s personality should include both strengths and weaknesses to enable one to capitalize on the strengths and aim to address the weaknesses. For instance, it is used to assess employment aspirants for stressful jobs or jobs that may require skillful... which aim at the development of happiness has a great value n my life.

The overall objective is to minimize one’s personality weaknesses so that the strengths could be maximized in their full potential for personal and professional growth and development. My Personality Traits Jose Vergara School: Management Resource Institute Mary Ruiz ENC 1101 My Personality Traits Like other human beings, I have personality traits that define my emotion, attitude, thoughts, and patterns of behavior. In this sense, the role of happiness enhancement programs, just as the personality development programs, are most appreciated by me. We are all diverse people, endowed with different traits, and this is what makes the world such an interesting place.

I cannot fail to mention optimism as one of my other personality traits.

I often strive to have a positive outlook regarding various situations in life.

In other words, I have a worldview or mental attitude that interprets events and circumstances as being positive and the best (Matthews, Deary and Whiteman, 2003).

I always have the hope that future conditions will be better and that all the unfolding events will eventually culminate in better conditions and circumstances.

Furthermore, I consider patience as my other main personality trait.

Matthews, Deary, and Whiteman (2003) define patience as the ability to exhibit perseverance or endurance, especially when under strain or in the face of long-term difficulties.

He has developed his views and positions across many fields, including social, and political, and economic theory.

In legal theory, he is best known for his work in the 1970s-1990s whi Roberto Mangabeira Unger (born 24 March 1947) is a philosopher and politician.


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