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In the most important area of government administration, to enable administration take the right decision at the right time, accurate, relevant and up-to-date information should be made available to them.Modern computerized communication network can significantly help bureaucracy cut its red tape.64% of total population of our country is illiterate.

As computer continues to proliferate in ever increasing numbers across large segments of Government, business and industry, the common man is beginning to believe hesitantly that computers can actually deliver a good part of the promise that they had offered.

Society is gradually accepting the fact that computers will indeed change the manner in which the things are done, Computers can substantially save valuable man-hours by help­ing people through communication to make reservation of tickets, operate their bank accounts, to pay for electricity water and telephone bills, insurance premium and also do routine shopping.

So it is a calculating device with some special charac­teristics and abilities like—perform complex and repetitive calcula­tions rapidly and accurately, make decisions and automatically correct or modify by providing signals, certain parameters of a system under control, converse with users through terminals etc.

As we hurtle towards the 21st century, we must accept the inevitability of a computer revolution in the near future.

Expert system can help in more accurate diagnosis of ailments ‘Hospital Information Systems’ can help improve the efficiency of our hos­pitals reduce mortality and death-rates and in general provide better and speedier health care to our people.

While this realization is gaining firmer ground in areas like the utility services, railways, airlines, agriculture, health etc., as well as organization control, there is area where the role of compu­ters as the prime agents of change has still not been recognized. In our country there are over 5,00,000 primary schools of which l/3rd are single-teacher schools.The computer is a rapidly evolving tool that can now deal quite effect­ively with all fine forms of information that man deals with for better education are —data, text, image, graphics and voice.One thought can take place in our minds for a moment that ‘the computer will replace the teacher—that would be a suicidal thought.It is an-inseparable part of development, as demonstrated by other countries.Computers are no longer luxury or the sole property of the advanced countries.Computer in health is bringing new hope for the sick.In areas of health and medicine, expert systems and data bases on blood groups availability, eye banks medical history of patients etc, can bring about a marked improvement in our health services.From being a mere “information dumping machine”, the teacher will once again rise to the height of being a mentor, philoso­pher and guide developing, instilling values, ideas, creating challen­ges and nurturing feelings, sentiments and empathy in young minds.In the wider prospective, these are what are required for building a strong nation—intellectually spiritually and economically.The “Man of the Year” in 1982 according to a survey carried out by an international magazine was the ‘Computer’.Computer in Latin means “to reckon” or ‘to compute’.


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