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It is completely true, and hopefully, this nursing scholarship essay example will give you a good idea of what we are looking for in a submission. I lost my biological father to colon cancer, and I wanted to be a caring support system for other families going through what we did.

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You see, nursing is a profession where you have to take care of complete strangers, and we have signed on to do this for life. The most important thing to remember is that we don’t mind. We know what we have gotten ourselves into, and we love doing it.

Nursing is so incredibly unique and selfless in that what we do every single day is care for people who are at their most vulnerable moments, and we often times do it while missing something in our life that means something to us. There is a special place in a nurse’s heart that draws them to the type of work that we do.

And it brings us all together, our binding character trait.

I think I can say now that I guess my reason for going into nursing is a combination of everyone’s reason.

I never thought I would have my own scholarship, but this opportunity has come to fruition and I plan to use every dollar for the good of nursing.

It is wonderful to be able to give back to the nursing profession, and it humbles me to be a part of this year’s recipient’s journey.The 26-year-old was studying to become an air traffic controller when government money dried up for the program in Oklahoma.It wasn’t until his mother took a fall and was cared for by a male nurse that Hernandez began to consider nursing as a career.“I looked online: what’s the starting salary for a nurse? Today, only 83 percent of men between the ages of 25 and 54 with a high school education or less are employed or looking for work, compared to 97 percent in 1964.And the reason, Stevenson says, may be directly related to how men perceive themselves and the jobs available.He picks a seat at one of the long rows of computers in the exam room.But in the room of 60 or more, Hernandez stands out. Of the more than 500 students pursuing registered nursing at Palm Beach State College, a community college in Lake Worth, just 83, Hernandez included, are men.I have been there, and nursing school is incredibly tough.To be able to ease the stress of that journey for a nurse pursuing his or her BSN is an honor! Therefore, we want and we need more nurses in this profession.And while the percentage of men in registered nursing has risen over the decades — a mere 3 percent were nurses in 1970, for instance — the numbers are still surprisingly low for a field that has seen immense growth.Male-dominated sectors have hemorrhaged jobs in recent years: manufacturing — 70 percent male — lost 5 million jobs over the past two decades.


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