Essay On Imperialism In Africa And Asia

Essay On Imperialism In Africa And Asia-3
Even though poverty was widespread among the Africans, the Europeans still imposed an extremely harsh tax (Mandela par 1).

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All of these events in the Cold War helped Africa gain independence.

In 1951, Libya, with support from the United Nations, became the first independent African state.

Colonial control forced the Africans to go through several hardships.

Due to the extensive cost of World War II, England and several other mother countries struggled with their economies.

He spent twenty-seven years in prison for leading groups that opposed imperialism (“Africa” par 1).

Mandela tried to spread the awareness of the inequality and brutality of the Europeans.Also, to challenge the USSR who was looking for allies in Africa, the United States supported anti-communist independence movements.During the Cold War, the United States was trying to prevent the stop of communism and Soviet ways (Kte’pi par 7). They did this by sending military help and money (“Independent Africa and the Cold War” par 3).He encouraged the Africans to refuse to work for the Europeans just to receive poor pay (Mandela par 6).Africans were forced to work in mines (gold, diamonds, and coal), on farms, and at industrial based occupations (Mandela par 2).The first leader of independent Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, encouraged a strong, unified state to bring prosperity to Africa (Nkrumah par 5).Nkrumah once said, “Only a strong political union can bring about full and effective development of our natural resources for the benefit of our people.” Because the Europeans controlled the agricultural aspects, African people suffered from poverty.He explained that when the Africans were jailed and given a trial, the trial was not by any means fair (Mandela par 13).Another African nationalist leader, Jomo Kenyatta, backed up Mandela’s explanation by using a unique African story to create an analogy.They were taking the African resources for their own benefit (Nkrumah par 1).Africa has many resources; including diamonds, cocoa, and rubber (Nkrumah par 4).


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