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This motivation spilled over into new avenues, and led me to walk through the doors of opportunity when I spotted them.At the time, I tended to write small essays as Facebook statuses. I’d post about what I was reading, insights I gained, and encouraging words I thought would help my friends.To cope with it all, I would get as high as I possibly could during the day and drink as much as my stomach could handle at night.

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I started looking for a new job and found one as the manager of a local video store.

Although it doesn’t sound like much it was a pivotal moment in my life.

To this day, I don’t even remember what the guy looks like, but Ido remember my eye socket being the size of a tennis ball the next day.

I tried going back to work but the florescent lighting irritated my eye and gave me severe headaches. Although I was in physical pain, I felt to not be at the factory.

I worked with mostly older people in their late 30’s and 40’s. Regardless of what led them here, this is where they were going to be for the foreseeable future.

I figured I’d be doing this for a while too, because I fell short of finishing my degree and owed the school so much money I couldn’t re-enroll.

Before then, I’d been hired and fired at a string of menial jobs. It’s hard to get promoted when you don’t make it past six months.

I applied to be a clerk at the video store, but they asked me to interview to be the store manager.

We all act out roles in the “movie of life.” Some of us act like the star, and others like extras. Every now and then, regular people like you and me decide they want to step out of the shadows. The protagonist is always unassuming at first — Cinderella washing floors, Katniss Everdeen minding her own business in district 12, Hillary Swank as a no-name boxer — and for a while things don’t work out their way. She trudges along, until one day, the light bulb goes off in her head.

When all seems lost, she has an idea, a dream, a new mission, and she decides , but real success stories come through hundreds or even thousands of “little magic moments.”My life reached a low point before I decided enough was enough.


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