Essay On Football Hooliganism

This subculture values disorderly conduct and their fans, their team, or their family.

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of the people causing the violence, stereotypical views of the people causing the violence.

In this project I am going to try and find out what people's opinion of a 'football hooligan' is.

Football is a kind of special UK cultural phenomenon, covering much British social characters.

Soccer style reflects the gentleman culture core: Fair competition and the spirit of knights; National consciousness and identity are deeply rooted in the football culture of the four national countries in Britain.

After only 15 minutes of rioting, 43 people were found dead and hundreds injured as the stadium collapsed on them (Maxim).

Essay On Football Hooliganism

This type of violence makes people uneasy about the degree of, what experts call "fandemonium," that has plagued the world football industry for the past three decades examples of people that have put too much physiological energy into something that can make us feel so good but yet cause for pain in others.

Violence Among Football Fans Hypothesis There is a large amount of violence amongst football fans.

I want to find out the reasons for this, and see what people's attitudes to the people committing the violence, I think that some of the reasons for the violence could be: · Drink · Big matches · Big events · gender and ethnicity · age · social class/background · media coverage · level of competition I think that the majority of people will think that football hooligans are the stereotypical young working class yobs, motivated by drink.

Is this wrong for the media to be encouraging and glorifying the violence in sports?

I don't think so, because the fans want to see it Bench clearing brawls in baseball, bloody hockey fights, soccer mobs, post-game sports riots, and increasing injuries are all images of today’s sports that are familiar to us.


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