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It is a more even distribution or is the employee pool composed of mostly males or mostly females.

Retrieved from Oya Aytemiz Seymen(2006), according to Fleury (1999) explains cultural diversity management as an organizational answer or reaction to the need for competitiveness and to the increasing variety of the workforce.

Similarly other demographics such as population, racial characteristics and such all contribute to the work environment. Researchers have proposed that a greater organizational emphasis on gender diversity management programs will have a positive effect on organizational attractiveness among women, as women are the intended beneficiaries of the programs (Luis L. Parsons,2007) Age diversity means the proportion of aged people work in the workplace.

According to Kochan et al., 2003, organizations are finding that racial and gender diversity, “if managed well, may even enhance performance”(retrieved from Luis L. Age diversity was also positively correlated with health disorders–but only in groups working on routine decision-making tasks.

Variety of viewpoints – A diverse workforce that feels comfortable communicating varying points of view provides a larger pool of ideas and experiences.

The organization can draw from that pool to meet business strategy needs and the needs of customers more effectively.


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