Essay Of Advantages And Disadvantages

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They should also spread the awareness to persuade the individuals to car-pool by restricting odd and even license plates on alternating days.

Cities like Madrid and Oslo are successful in eliminating vehicle emission and taking diesel cars off their roads. Essay on celebrity endorsements You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

It would also affect the disabled category as they will have to face the inconvenience of taking public transport that does not have any special facilities for them.

Banning private vehicles in city centers can prove to be heavy on people’s pocket too.

To begin with the advantages of celebrities advertising for different companies, building trust is the main positive.

A large number of people consider these celebrities as their role model and trust them.Undoubtedly, personal cars are comparatively suitable than public transportation, and the majority of the locals are accepting this challenge of compulsory use of public transit.Many European cities, such as London, have started implementing outright bans so driving around Central London will charge a heavy .Therefore, half of the roads in London has been declared as ‘pedestrian priority’ zone.Besides London, Paris has also applied the no personal vehicle rule in which they have banned cars made before 1997 and also initiate people to use go car-free on weekends by using bicycles for travelling.Looking at the other side of the argument, the predominant disadvantage is the cost involved in this promotional activity.Companies which are able to spend a huge amount of money on advertisements care the biggest beneficiaries of this practice.Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.age, while experiencing comfort travelling, we also face the problem of traffic congestion.Therefore, they find a product authentic and acceptable if their favorite celebrity is advertising it.Furthermore, it becomes easier for the people to remember or recall the advertisement if a famous personality promotes it .


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