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“Their silence over the past few days is very telling that their bark was bigger than their bite,” Dr. “By no means does the region want to absorb the pain of a conflict with Iran.”The tensions between Iran and the United States stretch back decades, well predating the Trump administration.

The most dangerous flash point has long been the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow waterway that connects the Persian Gulf to the rest of the world.

The Iranians took pictures of the sailors kneeling in surrender, in a move clearly meant to humiliate the United States.

The sailors were released after 24 hours, and a Defense Department inquiry concluded that Navy blundering was to blame.

Occasionally, those tensions have escalated into violence.

The recent American assertion that Iran poses an immediate threat has raised fears that the two nations have pushed closer to the brink.

“There is a very clear divide with the trans-Atlantic allies as to how to handle this crisis,” Dr. “Europe is prevailing upon the United States to be calm and measured in their response.

You can very clearly see their frustrations that this is a manufactured crisis.”Regional allies — including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Israel, all of which have been supportive of the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran — have stayed quiet so far.

Iran and Iraq have grown increasingly aligned in the years since Saddam Hussein’s ouster and the subsequent rise of a Shiite-led government.

Once fierce adversaries, the most recent national elections saw Iraqi parties with links to the paramilitary Popular Mobilization Forces — an umbrella organization of about 50 paramilitary groups, many with ties to Tehran, which successfully fought against the Islamic State — gain even more power.


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