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Even being extremely intelligent, especially with leaders, can contribute to the leader being ineffective because his followers may find it challenging to connect with him.

Happiness is positively correlated with so many different experiences such as achieving goals, creating good social connections, maintaining relationships and friendships, learning, and even increasing our own well-being.

Their study talks about how the pursuit of happiness does not always contribute to positive outcomes.

Gruber and colleagues focused on four aspects of how happiness can have a dark side: intensity, timing, the pursuit of happiness, and types of happiness.

Research has found that intense degrees of happiness may be costly as it can lead to negative outcomes instead of benefiting us (Oishi, Diener, & Lucas, 2007).

Scott Crabtree, in his , mentions that the ideal number for self-reported happiness is an 8 out of 10, with 10 being always happy.

Contrary to popular beliefs, studies have shown that excess levels of experiences, emotions, and mental states can lead to becoming unhealthy (Gruber et al., 2011).

This applies not only to negative experiences but also positive states like happiness.

He talks about how things such as self-confidence, conscientiousness, and intelligence, when taken to an extreme, can become maladaptive behaviors.

Self-confidence can come across as arrogance or narcism, while a person who is overly conscientious, can be perceived as a perfectionist.


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