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Due to the popularity of the Rupiya, the Pound sterling could not be introduced in India.

It was only in 1717 AD that the English obtained permission from the Mughal emperor Farrukhsiyar to coin Mughal money.

The rain continued to pour and I was pushed along with the gushing water At the time I write this answer, there are no biographies or autobiography of Mireille Mathieu in English.

Our hands parted and I dropped and landed on the ground with a thud! I was left there all alone on the side of the road.

In independent India, one rupee coins was first minted in 1950 and is currently in circulation.

During his reign, Suri issued pure silver coins in 1542 and named it Rupiya (meaning "beautiful form").In 1835 AD, the Coinage Act of 1835 for uniform coinage came into force.Composed of 0.917 silver, the new one rupee coins weighed 11.66 grams (179.9 grains) and had a diameter of 30.55 millimetres (1.203 in).The denomination remained in usage through the Mughal, Maratha, East India company and British rules.century AD, the East India Company wanted to introduce the Pound sterling in India.The reverse of all one rupee coins minted after 1835 and before 1862 AD bore "East India Company" instead of the country's name.In 1862, new one rupee coins were issued, were known as the Regal issue, bore the bust of Queen Victoria on the obverse and the country name "India" minted on the reverse side.One day the lady gave me to the bus conductor but I slipped away from his hands and fell into a water puddle. Finally he gave me to a tea-seller who said, 'this coin will not work, give another one.' Then I realized that my shine had gone. While I was asleep the beggar sold me, along with other coins, to a store keeper. I wonder whether I would ever see the light of day again!I don't know for how many days I had been there until one day my rescuer came and I was ready to be in soft and nice purse. The store keeper gave me to his son who kept me in his piggy bank. Or by the time I do, I will also be like those invalid coins at whom I used to laugh once.There I met many of my old friends who were released from the mint on the same day. There were many almost faded one-rupee, two-rupee coins.Then when there was a shortage of coins, I was given away to a lady. I often used to make fun of them but they kept quiet.


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