Essay Analyzing Of Mending Wall By Robert Frost

Frost does maintain iambic stresses, but he is flexible with the form in order to maintain the conversational feel of the poem.He also shies away from any obvious rhyme patterns and instead relies upon the occasional internal rhyme and the use of assonance in certain ending terms (such as “wall,” “hill,” “balls,” “well”).

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Perhaps his skeptical questions and quips can then be read as an attempt to justify his own behavior to himself.

While he chooses to present himself as a modern man, far beyond old-fashioned traditions, the narrator is really no different from his neighbor: he too clings to the concept of property and division, of ownership and individuality.

Every year, the two neighbors fill the gaps and replace the fallen boulders, only to have parts of the wall fall over again in the coming months.

It seems as if nature is attempting to destroy the barriers that man has created on the land, even as man continues to repair the barriers, simply out of habit and tradition.

This particular adage was a popular colonial proverb in the middle of the 17th century, but variations of it also appeared in Norway (“There must be a fence between good neighbors”), Germany (“Between neighbor’s gardens a fence is good”), Japan (“Build a fence even between intimate friends”), and even India (“Love your neighbor, but do not throw down the dividing wall”).

In terms of form, “Mending Wall” is not structured with stanzas; it is a simple forty-five lines of first-person narrative.

The neighbor, on the other hand, asserts that the wall is crucial to maintaining their relationship, asserting, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Over the course of the mending, the narrator attempts to convince his neighbor otherwise and accuses him of being old-fashioned for maintaining the tradition so strictly.

No matter what the narrator says, though, the neighbor stands his ground, repeating only: “Good fences make good neighbors.”Analysis This poem is the first work in Frost's second book of poetry, “North of Boston,” which was published upon his return from England in 1915.

Despite the narrator’s skeptical view of the wall, the neighbor maintains his seemingly “old-fashioned” mentality, responding to each of the narrator’s disgruntled questions and rationalizations with nothing more than the adage: “Good fences make good neighbors.”As the narrator points out, the very act of mending the wall seems to be in opposition to nature.

Every year, stones are dislodged and gaps suddenly appear, all without explanation.


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