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Human Anatomy in contrast to Apes A branch of tailless primates, they are distinguished from other primates by their freedom of motion at the shoulder joint to a wider degree.

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Alarm calls, territorial calls, food calls, personal identification calls, dominance calls, etc.

these are the basic communication skills that animals need to successfully live in groups rather than be living on their own.

One day, one of Washoe’s caretakers who was pregnant missed work for a few months after she had an unfortunate miscarriage.

Roger Fouts reviews the following situation–“People who should be there for her and aren’t are often given the cold shoulder–her way of informing them that she’s miffed at them.

They share a lot of similarities, and this is probably also the reason why they are often compared, but the differences are there and it is too obvious and too significant to ignore.

Physically, apes may have the closest similarities to humans than any other animals out there, but we still are two very different primates.But rarely is the question asked, should apes have rights based on sign language and other communication skills? Rights are a human concept, based on the idea of individuals, who, acting independently or having the freedom to do so should be treated equally by law.Animals don’t act independent nor have the freedom to do so.In the case of apes, however, it is solely for their survival needs.They need groups to find food, to care for their young, and for their protection.One other notable difference is that humans can communicate through many complex ways, while apes can only communicate to a lesser degree (sounds and gestures).Also, while we humans usually live in our homes individually or in a group, apes live in groups and territorially (in the wild, except for those that are in captivity of course). We also are known to have fine motor skills and an increased usage of tools compared to other apes.Not to mention the fact that humans have more complex brains and societies.While they walk on all fours, we walk on only two legs.We also have larger brains, longer legs compared to our arms, much less hair, a wider pelvis, and last but not least, impressive prowess at straightening our knees.


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