Environmental Consulting Business Plan

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Post fliers at local garden centers and home design stores.

Locate your target market and send postcards offering introductory rates for your services.

Provide eco-friendly advice on options related to clothing, automobiles and transportation, food and cleaning products. Offer personalized services and strive to leave the customer with detailed information related to the changes they can make to help improve their relationship with the world around them.

Construct room-by-room lists for individual clients. Prepare comprehensive reports for business clients. Include changes the company can make as a whole and changes each employee can make individually. Contact local businesses and explain the monetary benefits, short- and long-term, of an eco-consultation.Since 2007, the environmental consulting industry has seen revenue growth of about 39 percent, with industrywide revenue expected to exceed billion this year, according to IBISWorld, a Santa Monica–based market research firm.What’s more, by 2017, the industry is likely to increase revenue by another 45 percent.The proposal states that while new plants can continue to burn fossil fuels, including coal, they may only do it "with the help of technologies that reduce carbon emissions." That's good news particularly for air quality and compliance consultants who, no doubt, will be the ones creating and implementing those technologies.Government contracts can be a major source of business for environmental consultants, but winning those contracts is the tough part.Fill out the paperwork related to your chosen business structure.Submit the application with the appropriate fees to your state’s secretary of state office.Putting in place initiatives and designs that help limit the environmental impact of choices made by individual consumers and businesses offers a profitable outlet for those with a passion for protecting the environment.Eco-consultants guide companies and individual consumers on decisions related to putting processes in place to reduce energy use, control waste and reduce costs. Develop an accurate and thorough evaluation of the eco-consulting industry, including trends and how you intend to use marketing and advertising tools to capitalize on them.If you're new to the space may need to work as a sub-contractor first, before landing your own gigs.The industry also requires business owners and their teams be knowledgeable about environmental regulations and familiar with new technologies that help limit environmental impact.


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