Electronics Engineering Thesis Projects

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This project is available at Emotion-based Music Player This is one of the interesting projects among computer engineering projects.

The library management system automates the basic library functions to aid in the day-to-day operations of a library.

It supports functions like issue, return, the basic functions of searching for a particular book, etc.

It also maintains data about books, teachers, students records that are required during various library operations.

Event management system (EMS) is a web-based application.

It supports online registration and feedback evaluation for event training programs such as games, seminars, and workshops.Finally, a classifier framework finds the cost-sensitive classifier produces better results.This project is available at Distorted Fingerprint Verification System Facial Expression Recognition (FER) project is developed in C#, Microsoft visual studio Robust recognition of facial expressions from images and videos is still a challenging task due to the difficulty in accurately extracting the useful emotional features.These features are often represented in different forms, like static, dynamic, point-based geometric or region-based appearance.The main goal of this software is to give a working solution to store, manage and consolidate the registration data and the feedback data.It increases the scope of the report generation even by generating report over a period. Users can search, update and delete this information.Due to a non-automatic perspective, absolute utilization of resources has proven ineffective.In order to deal with such problems, a mechanized system with a computer-aided timetable generator is designed.The proposed algorithm on an average takes around 0.95-1.05 sec to generate an emotion-based music playlist.Thus, it yields better accuracy in terms of performance and computational time and reduces the designing cost, compared to the algorithms used in the literature survey.


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