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I was so excited about this Achievement Symbol (Game Technique #2), that I printed it out and put it on my dorm room for many years.Even today, I think it is still sitting somewhere in a box with my parents.It became one of the largest Dot Com boom successes, and till this day is one of the leading tech companies.

I was so excited about this Achievement Symbol (Game Technique #2), that I printed it out and put it on my dorm room for many years.

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I continuously checked my listing, seeing if people would outbid the last bidder.

Of course, it was life-endingly depressing when no one had put in a new bid after my FOURTH three-minute check!

When I sold my tenth item on e Bay, I received an email from e Bay itself!

It was a certificate sent from this person named “Meg,” congratulating me as a valuable e Bay seller and giving me a Yellow Star!

By the way, this is what I now call a “Torture Break” (Game Technique #66), where a user must wait a duration of time regardless of her actions and incorporates Core Drive #6: Scarcity & Impatience.

Ebay Case Study Slideshare

When I finally sold the two ticket for few hundred dollars, I was ecstatic. During this time, I noticed that the final price of an e Bay auction is usually determined by what part of the day the listing ends, as most people like to wait for the last few minutes to put in their bids and steal the deal.Without e Bay, it is very likely that I would not have become an entrepreneur, and as a result you would not have this book to read.When I was about to enter UCLA as a Freshman, there was a local barbeque event where second year students shared their experience and tips with us newbs.If you just think of creating a generic ecommerce site, it’s not necessarily intuitive to have a competitive bidding system, a mutual buyer-seller feedback interface, a “path to level up” through achievement symbols such as Yellow, Purple, and Gold Stars, as well as Power Seller statuses.Interestingly, e Bay was the first platform to trigger my first business.I’m grateful the ban happened, because it allowed me to move on towards greater and more epic things in my life.Based on the above, it’s easy to see how e Bay uses Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment to make the experience more fun and addictive for the Seller. What makes a buyer want to continuously buy on e Bay?For the record, these are all Black Hat techniques.Observing this effect, I began a small business buying and selling TI-83 Calculators, which was often a high school and college requirement.At the height of my e Bay career (second year in college), I received over 1,100 positive feedbacks (which I believe gave me a Red Star ranking), with a 100% satisfaction rate.Unfortunately, towards the end my reign, my account was falsely banned for unexplained reasons, ending my first addiction towards a gamification site.


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