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As for the secondary sources, one may apply: By observing both good and bad samples, you’ll see the common mistakes students do when conducting research and writing down the outcomes.Following your teacher’s guidelines is as important as following the general format, so you’ll have to compare your work to the instructions from time to time.

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It should still cover one of the points discussed during the semester. Choose the topic in which you are competent enough.

Also, select the topic which can be supported by many found on the credible sources found in your books or on the internet.

It is recommended to complete an abstract once a student is done with the rest of the text. You can include everything that has to be in a good abstract in just one long sentence.

It would be easier to summarize what was written then. The process of developing an abstract can be made simpler if you keep to the recommended structure.

Each section should be highlighted as a separate point.

Thanks to the table of contents or outline with the mentioned pages, it would be comfortable to find any part without wasting too much time.

It might be: Not all teachers are interested in reading the entire text as they have too many drafts to check during just one night or few.

Create your research piece in a logical manner to make their job faster.

You can make a list of similar topics so that your audience can observe other sources later, but your research paper has to describe only one major topic.

If your tutor does not assign you any specific topic, you have a right to choose.


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