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The 'Temporary Binding' paragraph in the document relates to the requirements for a soft-bound dissertation.

Thesis binding Information Thesis format and binding guidelines You are required to submit on or before the Maximum End Date of your programme (also known as your dissertation submission deadline).

College contact details If the nomination of examiners process has finished, the College Office will be able to send your dissertation to your examiners within 5 working days.

If the examiners have not been appointed yet, there may be some delay in sending your dissertation to the examiners.

The University takes plagiarism very seriously and is committed to ensuring that so far as possible it is detected and dealt with appropriately.

Plagiarism is the act of including in one’s work the work of another person without providing adequate acknowledgement of having done so, either deliberately or unintentionally.\begin \begin \title \author \abstract \maketitle \section* Any acknowledgements go here. \end \end This style file uses roman numeral page numbers for the preliminary material.\tableofcontents \end \chapter The preliminary material of your report should contain: \begin \item The title page. The main content of the dissertation, starting with the first chapter, starts with page~1.Extensions to your funding may or may not be possible; you should contact your Supervisor and Institute Portfolio Manager.My Ed Continuation fee Edinburgh Global You must submit two soft-bound copies of your dissertation (as described above) (three copies if a second external examiner has been appointed) to the College Office (Murchison House, north-west corner of the King's Buildings campus - via gate 1).Students will be charged a Continuation Fee for extensions; extension fees are calculated per month.Please note, you may also need an extension to your Visa; you should contact Edinburgh Global for information.Please read the Examination Process and Graduation pages for more information.Examination Process Graduation Examiners will normally be expected to read and examine your dissertation within two-three months of receiving it; but candidates should allow for examiners' other commitments.% Date: June 2019 % % % The first line specifies style options for taught MSc.% You should add a final option specifying your degree. % % So, pick one of the following: % \documentclass[msc,deptreport,adi] % Adv Design Inf % \documentclass[msc,deptreport,ai] % AI % \documentclass[msc,deptreport,cogsci] % Cognitive Sci % \documentclass[msc,deptreport,cs] % Computer Sci % \documentclass[msc,deptreport,cyber] % Cyber Sec % \documentclass[msc,deptreport,datasci] % Data Sci % \documentclass[msc,deptreport,di] % Design Inf % \documentclass[msc,deptreport,inf] % Informatics %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% \documentclass[msc,deptreport] % Do not change except to add your degree (see above). \end As in this example \texttt, the above material should be included between: \begin \begin ...


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