Discrete Assignment

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The python unit testing framework pytest and pytest-cov are used to ensure quality control.

Build scripts are used to automatically build student handouts, in the form of zip files, and a Coursera compliant docker image for grading submissions.

This module gives the learner a first impression of what discrete mathematics is about, and in which ways its "flavor" differs from other fields of mathematics.

It introduces basic objects like sets, relations, functions, which form the foundation of discrete mathematics.

This module introduces the basic notions of graph theory - graphs, cycles, paths, degree, isomorphism. In this module, we introduce trees, an important class of graphs, and several equivalent characterizations of trees.

Finally, we present an efficient algorithm for detecting whether two trees are isomorphic.

Inside the "docker" directory can be used by a course administrator to update all of the assignment graders.

Feedback on how to improve this test-and-build processing is encouraged.

Counting problems of this flavor abound in discrete mathematics discrete probability and also in the analysis of algorithms.

The binomial coefficient (n choose k) counts the number of ways to select k elements from a set of size n.


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