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Plagiarism means using someone else's work and claiming it as your own. Plagiarism can occur on purpose as well as by accident, either way it is wrong and must be avoided.If you plagiarize by accident the same penalties apply. After the paper is written and the sources have been cited then we must create a works cited page.

You can also borrow phrases from other sources instead of a complete sentence or a full paragraph.

In this case, you should add a few more phrases to your quoted phrase in order to make it a complete sentence with, of course, a complete thought.

Previously on the blog we have addressed how to present your own translation (without the foreign language) of a quotation from a published source, such as a book or journal article.

If you want to present a quotation in both a foreign language and in translation, place the foreign-language quotation in quotation marks if it is less than 40 words long and in a block quotation without quotation marks if it is 40 words or more.

However, using direct quotes is not always the best way to use a source.

Paraphrasing or summarizing a text is sometimes a more effective means of supporting a writer’s argument than directly quoting.

Note for this example that Reference list: Bussières, E.-L., St-Germain, A., Dubé, M., & Richard, M.-C. Efficacité et efficience des programmes de transition à la vie adulte: Une revue systématique [Effectiveness and efficiency of adult transition programs: A systematic review].

Writing a research paper is an important skill you need to learn.

Paraphrasing provides an author the opportunity to tailor the passage for the purpose of his or her own essay, which cannot always be done when using a direct quote.

Paraphrasing should be used to Direct quotes should be used sparingly, but when they are used, they can be a powerful rhetorical tool.


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