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The essay should have good descriptions and vivid sensory details.

Then proceed to describing what part this character took place in the book (or movie). Also you can describe the house they live or lived in. You can start from the description of your first meeting. Then you can proceed to depicting each part in detail. Why do you think people wait for someone in an airport? If you have already seen the arrivals hall with people waiting for someone – you can describe them too. Tell about animals that live there, maybe you admire one in particular the most.

Don’t forget to explain why you have chosen this character and what traits you admire. Maybe everyone has wished to become a hero once, even for just a moment. What are the most valuable moments in your relationship? Describe your first impression and what he or she looked like. What aspects of your friend do you like the most (particular character traits, style, laugh, the way they behave, etc.)? Point out the different genders and what peculiarities they have.

Figure out what order you plan to describe things in, then write the essay following that outline.

Students are usually assigned to write descriptive essays in their English classes. Describe the design of the rooms and details you liked the most in a particular room. Describe an exhibition or museum you have recently visited.

Don’t forget to say that people may have different skin color, height, and hair and eye color. Pick a couple of people that attract the most attention and describe them in detail.

Tell that some humans have congenital or acquired defects and it’s a part of life. You can pick a park, cafe, or restaurant – any place where you can have the ability to calmly observe the people around. What funny or extraordinary situations happened to you? Summarize your writing and whether you want to repeat this night once more or not. The first rented apartment is not the most beautiful, but it is full of freedom. Or you can find the recommended list of deductive essay topics. Describe one of your best (or worst) sleepless nights. You can tell about your experience with seeking a new apartment. What problems were there with moving into a new place? Describe how the concert began and how the public behaved during the concert. Sum up with a description of the concert ending and what senses you experienced during the concert. When you have a good job and enough money to rent an apartment, this means that you can move away from your parents or relatives. Sum up your overview on your experience with renting your first apartment. Not everyone has witnessed an accident with their own eyes, but you can describe a story that has happened to your friend or relative. On one hand it sounds simple, but when it comes to picking a topic, it becomes hard. Every descriptive essay should leave an emotional connection between the text and the reader (check out the full guide on how to write a descriptive essay). Turn on your creative touch and make your essay shine. To start a descriptive essay, begin by brainstorming topics and outlining the essay.Then, create a strong opening for the essay so your reader is drawn into the narrative. The portrait or drawing should be something that you can say enough about, without becoming repetitive. As an option, if you have traveled to mountains with snowy peaks, you can describe your journey in detail. If you haven’t experienced the ideal date, you can turn on your imagination! Usually on this day you can experience new feelings or see the extreme beauty of nature.


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