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Others are core classes that directly relate to a particular major, so it's more likely that students are interested in writing.

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Meetings with parents and students are often part of the job as well.

Some writing teachers also sponsor extracurricular activities, such as creative writing clubs, school newspapers, poetry clubs or tutoring centers.

Colleges offer numerous types of writing courses for all the different types of writing - business, technical, poetry and fiction, among others.

Some courses are required as general education classes for certain majors, meaning that not all students necessarily enjoy writing or have an aptitude for it.

The guidelines for this style are fairly rigid, and each field has its own rules.

You may teach subjects such as writing instruction sets, creating case studies and composing job application essays.

You also determine whether or not the student fulfilled the assignment objectives.

Aside from classroom responsibilities, you have staff, department and committee meetings to attend before or after school.

These classes, typically taught at public schools, community colleges or through community-based organizations, are for non-native English speakers seeking to improve their written English skills.

These classes focus on building students' English vocabularies and teaching the foundational principles of writing - grammar, punctuation, etc. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not publish data that is specific to writing teachers.


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