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How does the use of a second unnamed narrator change readers’ interpretations of Marlow’s story?Framing allows the reader to see two different perspectives of the story, two different points of view about things such as imperialism, and two different interpretations of characters.The novella begins and ends with narration from an unnamed traveler who sits and listens (along with four other passengers) to Marlow’s tale.

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That means the bulk of narration comes from Marlow.

Marlow tells his amazing tale to the traveler and, of course, to readers using the first person “I.”Why does Conrad use this framing technique as narration, rather than one traditional first-person narrator?

Others are mild-mannered reporters (or other professionals) by day and like Superman by night, saving the planet from evil.

If you’ve just finished reading Heart of Darkness, though, it might be pretty darn hard to feel a connection with imperialists or cannibals.

Fog might symbolize the uncertainty of Marlow’s journey and of his quest to find Kurtz.

Fog might also symbolize Marlow’s mental state and his confusion about his travels.I bet that on more than one occasion they’ve embellished a few details here and there. If you’re writing about whether Marlow is reliable, look for any inconsistencies in his story or for places when the unnamed narrator comments on Marlow’s tale.This might give you hints as to places where the story could be embellished or simply made up.Looking for a finished essay example focused on the narration in the novella?Read The Framing Narrative in Heart of Darkness, A Novel by Joseph Conrad.When analyzing a character, examine the character’s personality, profession, acquaintances, and of course, actions. His goal is to be successful in the ivory trade, and he lets nothing stop him.He makes friends (and enemies) with the native Africans.Consider, for instance, how the use of two different narrators allows readers to learn more about Marlow, his actions, his feelings, and his character. What evidence is there to prove that his story is real?Think about stories you’ve heard your friends tell.You might also question whether the unnamed traveler is reliable.After all, he’s telling the tale as he remembers it. Has he made up stories or embellished the tale in any way?


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