Customer Satisfaction Review Of Literature In Car Industry

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To the end, lean can bring sustainable development and bright images to firms, and wellbeing life to workers together with customer satisfaction. The gaps that have not been identified by other researchers were clearly discussed, and on the basis of the gaps, a new conceptual model was developed. (2019), "Lean manufacturing as a vehicle for improving productivity and customer satisfaction", International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, Vol. There is the need for mechanics to provide caring and individual attention to car owners, it is also important for mechanics to understand that customers want their cars to be serviced by mechanics who exhibit knowledge and courtesy and also deliver service in a very responsive manner.

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However, the reliability of the mechanic has no significant positive relationship with the satisfaction of customers.

The results also indicate that customer satisfaction has a direct positive relationship with customer loyalty.

The aim is to understand the relative importance of the various service quality dimensions to Ghanaian car owners as to what drive satisfaction and whether this satisfaction has implication on their loyalty.

The study used a survey of car owners and relied on partial least squares-structural equation modeling to study the relationship between service quality and its impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Lean thinking is one of the methods that can bring productivity and customer’s demand improvement for manufacturing and service giving industries.

To arrive at the lean thinking productivity improvement and customer satisfaction of the sector (MEIs), intensive literature review and secondary data investigation were conducted.

This is useful to basic metals and engineering industries in overcoming resource-limitation problems by eliminating wastes.

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The results further indicate that empathy and reliability of the mechanic have a significant positive relationship with customer loyalty; however, the assurance, responsiveness and tangibles have no significant relationship with customer loyalty.

The moderation analysis indicated no significant differences in the hypothesis tested and the length of years of customers dealing with the mechanic.


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