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The Ed D Program publishes a Dissertation Manual for Ed D students.When committee members are identified for a thesis or dissertation committee, the thesis/dissertation advisor should submit the names of the committee members to the Associate Provost, Graduate and Professional Studies, using this form: When you defend your thesis or dissertation, your committee will sign the thesis committee signature page.Along with the university guide, departmental style guides (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.) should be consulted for specific citation and reference style.

The college’s nominee(s) are typically selected by the college’s Outstanding Thesis/Project Committee from among projects and theses forwarded for consideration to the college office from departments.

Departments and colleges are free to set internal deadlines and application procedures which best suit their needs.

Workshops are offered throughout the year to assist graduate students in this endeavor.

The individuals included on this list have indicated an interest in formatting master's theses and projects. Can import most Mac and PC word processing formats, graphics.

As a requirement of our programs, we have our students carry on research on various subjects during the thesis and project studies processes.

The 2019 CSULB Format Manual covers all of the formatting rules in depth as well as details about electronic submission.Students are also encouraged to develop and sign a contract that identifies the specific services requested as well as the related costs. Students completing master's theses are no longer required to provide the Madden Library with a hardbound copy. Students may need to delay the release of a thesis or dissertation.In these programs, our main objectives are to train academicians for higher education institutions and to train qualified manpower for public and private sector organizations.Quality in education is the foremost principle of our Institute and in the graduate programs we carry out, our students are given qualified education by our faculty members using modern teaching methods and techniques.Application Deadline is the Friday, March 1, 2019In 1988, the Office of Graduate Studies initiated the Outstanding Thesis Award to give special recognition to the graduate student who had authored the most significant piece of research as the culminating activity under the 699T format.In 1991, the Outstanding Project Award was instituted to recognize the most creative scholarship conducted by a master’s candidate enrolled in 699P as the culminating activity.They are not employed by, or contracted with the University to format document. Light Scribe drive for laser burning of disk label. Footwork available.13 Hunter Court Chico, CA 95928(530) 345-8919 (Office)(530) 518-8887 (Cell)(530) 419-2582 (Fax)[email protected]/MS Word. Experienced with graphics and tables, Excel, Page Maker, Word Perfect. It is each student's responsibility to determine the qualifications of the individual formatter or content editor. Every student is advised to discuss this matter before making final arrangements with any formatter. Today, graduate education has become a necessity in business and academic life.In this context, as a Graduate Education and Research Institute of the Cyprus Science University, we conduct a variety of graduate programs in Health, Social and Educational Sciences.


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