Critiquing A Scientific Research Paper

This can be quickly done via ways such as using quotes or examples and then cite evidence from relevant sources.Ensure that you explain the manner in which the evidence you bring to light supports your work`s evaluation.In the more extended critiques, it is better to discuss the negative and positive points of every critical question in separate paragraphs.

These written assignments are designed to help you learn about landscape ecology concepts and research approaches, to read published literature more critically, and to synthesize current literature.

In the process, we hope that you will develop critical thinking skills, as well as improve your ability to write clearly and concisely.

Below are the main features of a critique that you should ensure are included in your piece.

The Introduction On most occasions, the introduction part of a critique is quite short with its word length being 10% of the total critique`s word count.

Its primary purpose is to give both a detailed and systematic assessment of the article`s various elements while evaluating the author`s progress in achieving success through them.

A research project`s critique would focus on subject selection, analysis of conclusions and data as well as the experiment`s design and in a novel, you would assess its plot structure, setting, and characterization.The best approach you can take when doing so and learning how to critique a research article can be summarized in the following steps: There is a vast array of methods by which you can structure your article critique.Always make sure that you check on your Blackboard site and the materials for your unit to acquire the article format and guidance given by your professor.With the above, we will have undoubtedly solved the “What is a critique” puzzle.Writing an article review example of a particular piece of work enables you to develop: Before beginning your article review example, it is of the essence for you to have an intimate understanding of how to critique an article, the type of work that you will critique, and have an idea of the message being put across in its content as well.Reference List Ensure that you have included all the resources that you might have cited when writing your article critique example.In case you are not writing an APA format article critique, find out from your professor the referencing style that you are recommended to use for your critique.Begin with the general impressions that you have about that article then transit into the more delicate details of, the more technical elements of the article.For the short type of APA format article critique, you could start with the article`s strengths, then move to expound on its weaknesses.You can use your word processor to count the words. Include a complete citation to the paper your are critiquing at the top of the page, and cite literature and specific examples in the text to support and lend credibility to your critique.


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