Critical Thinking Skills Questionnaire

Critical Thinking Skills Questionnaire-27
On average the women in the other group (encouraged to work as individuals) showed a 17 point improvement on those same measures.

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If the information given in the case above were true, which of the following hypotheses would not need to be ruled out in order to confidently claim that for the majority of young adults a regimen of smart eating and regular vigorous exercise will result in significant improvements in one's overall health.

A = This study was about women, the findings cannot be generalized to include men.

After 50 days the physical health and the well-being of all the women in both groups were evaluated.

On average the women in the first group (with teammates) showed a 26 point improvement in measures of cardiopulmonary capacity, body strength, body fat reduction, and sense of well-being.

If true, these research findings would tend to support which of the following assertions?

A = A college woman cannot achieve optimal health functioning without a teammate.D = This research study was funded by a corporation that makes exercise apparel.E = A regimen of smart eating and regular exercise is related to better health.B = Since the study began to solicit willing participants before the Research Ethics Review Committee of the college gave the research project its formal approval to gather data, the findings are invalid.C = Some women in the study over-reported their compliance with the eating and exercise regimen, which led the researchers to underestimate the full impact of the regimen.It requires problem-solving, creativity, rationalization, and a refusal to accept things at face value.All of the above assessment instruments, when used appropriately and graded accurately, should lead to a high degree of consequential validity.Students cannot become skilled in critical thinking without learning (first) the concepts and principles that underlie critical thinking and (second) applying them in a variety of forms of thinking: historical thinking, sociological thinking, biological thinking, etc.Students cannot become skilled in analyzing and assessing reasoning without practice in it.In other words, the use of the instruments should cause teachers to teach in such a way as to foster critical thinking in their various subjects.In other words, for students to perform well on the various instruments, teachers will need to design instruction so that students can perform well on them.


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