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The information given, however, includes the statement that Greatport cars areless likely to be involved in collisions than are Fairmont cars.

Why this isso—whether, for example, the condition of the roads is a contributory cause—is not relevant.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakensthe conclusion above?

Option A : As long as the sample wasrepresentative, the figures should be accurate. Option B Correct : This statement suggests that the 1.2 percent inflation rate is an unusual occurrence in recent years.

The information given, however, includes the statement that Greatport cars arelesslikely to be involved in collisions than are Fairmontcars.

Why this occurs—whether, for example, traffic congestion is a contributory factor-is not relevant. This is clearly a factor that would affect the profitability of insurance in the two towns-and is therefore highly relevantto evaluatingthe argument, especially its conclusion.

Option C : There is no guarantee that such research willbe successful at reducing the age at which tulu plants can be reliably tested. If the government ensures that no tulu plantsless than 30 weeks of ageare sold, then the specific problem mentioned in the passage would be overcome.

Option E : This will not help overcome the problem.

And many tulu plants are sold before they are 24 weeks old.

Which of the following, if performed bythe government ministry, could logically be expected to overcome the problem with their plan to test for the fungal rot?


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