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Jurors must be able to detect misleading and ambiguous statements, separate relevant from irrelevant material, keep in mind who does and does not bear the burden of proof, understand the judge’s instructions, weigh the strengths and weaknesses of appeals to authority, and not only identify fallacies but also understand and appreciate legitimate arguments. Critical thinking skills are valuable in the jury room, but they are also valuable in the classroom, the boardroom, the laboratory, and the shopping mall.The 6th edition of Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict, like the previous editions, uses the courtroom and the jury room as a laboratory for work on critical thinking. This book provides a solid and substantial introduction to critical thinking, and Chapters 8 and 9 offer instruction in symbolic logic.

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North Holland (c)2007Author: Gabbay, Dov M.$e Sonstige$4oth Author: Woods, John$e Sonstige$4oth ISBN: 9780444508263$9978-0-444-50826-3ISBN: 0444508260$90-444-50826-0ISBN: 9780080535784$celectronic bk.$9978-0-08-053578-4ISBN: 008053578X$celectronic bk.$78-XISBN: 1281048518$91-281-04851-8ISBN: 9781281048516$9978-1-281-04851-6Publication & Distribution: Amsterdam.

8-444-51623-9Publication & Distribution: Amsterdam. Elsevier (c)2004-Author: Gabbay, Dov M.$e Sonstigeoth Author: Woods, John$e Sonstigeoth ISBN: 978044451623778-0-444-51623-7ISBN: 0444516239-444-51623-9ISBN: 9780080549392$celectronic bk.78-0-08-054939-2ISBN: 008054939X$celectronic bk.-XPublication & Distribution: Amsterdam. Current Debates in Ethics, Coffee and Philosophy: A Conversational Introduction to Philosophy with Readings, and Against Moral Responsibility. Author Letter Dear Colleagues, I’ve taught a wide range of philosophy courses, including Intro to Philosophy, Bioethics, Logic, and Ethical theory. Cumulative Exercises Three (Chapters 1 through 16). Serving on a jury is one of the most significant and basic ways that citizens actively participate in their government, and effective jury sevice requires a great deal of citizens. Current Debates in Introductory Philosophy, You Decide! Consider Your Verdict: Comprehensive Critical Thinking in the Jury Room. But one of the most important places for careful critical thinking is in the jury room.And of course, in discussions among friends and family and colleagues, we often find a cooperative discussion, which seeks shared benefits and emphasizes common goals, more valuable than an adversarial process which results in winners and losers. Waller Youngstown State University Critical thinking is a valuable skill: whether you are deciding what toothpaste to use or what stocks to buy; which job to pursue or which courses you should take; what candidate to vote for or what cause to support; or which reports to believe and which claims to reject. I would be delighted to hear from anyone reviewing, teaching, or studying this book, and am always happy to receive suggestions for improvements as well as new examples for analysis. But one of the most important places for careful critical thinking is in the jury room. You can create a Customized Text or use our Instructor’s Manual, Electronic “My Test” Test Bank or Power Point Presentation Slides.Plus, instructors find it easy to teach from Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict because students are given an argument context that orients them to new material and helps them place it in a familiar setting — giving you the freedom to present different, complimentary material in class!It’s a course in which you can actually watch students become significantly more confident and more effective in critical thinking. The skills that make you an effective juror will also make you an intelligent consumer, an effective planner, and a wise citizen.Above all, it is a course in which students never pose that dreadful philosophical query: Is this course really relevant to my life? Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict, Fourth Edition uses the jury room as the focus for developing basic skills in critical thinking, but it does not stop there.All rights are reserved by their respective owners. For any questions please email to [email protected]: 978044451610778-0-444-51610-7ISBN: 0444516107-444-51610-7ISBN: 0080463037$celectronic bk.-7ISBN: 9780080463032$celectronic bk.78-0-08-046303-2ISBN: 0444515968$cset-444-51596-8ISBN: 9780444515964$cset78-0-444-51596-4ISBN: 0444504664$cv.


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