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The trick about truth is that it depends on where you are looking, how much of the truth you can see, and what truth is allowed to be in the frame at the same time as another truth.

Both Angelou and Almanzar have this idea squarely in mind.

I take this idea roughly from Miriam Petty’s reimagining of Arthur Knight’s notion of problematic stardom: our public figures let us see where communities are actively working out their issues.

When we see a star like Cardi B emerge, we see a public reconfiguring of the meaning of sex work, respectability politics, motherhood, and reality.

The woman in the photograph is my sorority sister and fellow writer, Stacy Graham-Hunt, who the day before told me to follow Cardi B née Belcalis Almanzar on Instagram. However, I kept returning to her and unfollowing the others – there was a self-reflexive acknowledgement of what her body represented in public space, often mingled with advice on how not be taken advantage of by a man and extended violent rants defending her right to be treated with respect.

At this point, I was a photographer, and my writing and drawing were dormant gifts most people didn’t know I had. Her posts alternated Yo Mama jokes and the Black American tradition of the “Dozens,” containing inversions of stereotypes about strippers, including her speaking in French, posting videos with her family, pontificating on health matters including the threat of AIDS, and her faith in Jesus Christ.

It’s a work-in-progress memoir, Staircase Thoughts, my foray into a new structure of memoir for an age that is predicated on self-promotion i.e. faking it until you make it and the status of the autobiography during the decline of print media, particularly books.

The idea of staircase wit, also known as esprit d’escalier in French, is that you formulate the perfect retort only after it’s too late, after your dignity was compromised in a public defeat.

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(Extended Essay from Instagram) This is a post about regret, Maya Angelou, Cardi B, and my truth that encompasses the commodification of my body known as sex work.


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