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Conversely, we now have to consider whether this relates to the prompt: Possible idea for this example:"Is it ethical to administer a new drug capable of rewiring and regenerating brain function at a neuronal level to someone who has sustained extensive brain damage?Is it deemed humane to potentially change a person's character? - Playing god."A lot of students believe that the reading and creating essay is exactly the same as the old context essay. While a creative context essay does not have to link to the text in any way and only needs to explore a certain idea (e.g.

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The starting point to planning any context piece is to use quotes and ideas within your text.

Infer meaning from those quotes and main ideas and ask yourself: In essence, this conveys the overarching theme of science vs.

Similarly, if the text is a play, structuring your response as a script might be a better choice than writing a poem!

Lastly, remember that whilst it is a creative response, your purpose is NOT to tell a nice story but to explore the ideas, values and messages left by the author!

You can weave in personal anecdotes, experiences, and metaphorical language which gives one's writing that pizazz and individualist factor!

Moreover, you can showcase how you have perceived and interpreted the characters within the novel/film, the landscapes they inhabit.

Or, you could tell it in first-person from another character’s point of view to demonstrate another interpretation of the text.

You may also include motifs from the text into your own response.

In Year 11, when I wrote an imaginative piece, I went overboard with the flowery metaphorical language.

My teacher said ‘Overall, the piece is good however, at some parts it sounded like purple prose.’ When I read it over now, I shudder a little.2) In Reading and Creative, there is greater emphasis on extrapolating themes and ideas from your studied text.


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