Cooperation And Good Sportsmanship Essay

We play the game because we have a dream and a desire to win.

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No one person takes responsibility or credit for what can be accomplished.

Another one of the values I learned is sportsmanship.

It is the goal of Township High School District 214 to provide all students with opportunities to engage in athletic activities that enrich their education and further develop the core values of respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, trust/worthiness, and good citizenship.

Good sportsmanship and proper behavior are behaviors that are learned by engaging with others, modeling good behavior and by planned instruction.

My coaches have always taught me to respect opposing teams, to play clean and fair games, and to take a knee out of respect and courtesy for injured players.

Even though these examples apply to sports and games, you can practice sportsmanlike conduct in everyday life.I remember one particular soccer game where our team lost, but we had so much fun playing the game, that when it was over, we were laughing and smiling so much the other team verified with the referee that we had in fact lost the game.Our joy at the competition, and our refusal to give in to the idea of losing confused them!We can always make a choice to find the good, even in a loss.In conclusion, the Catholic Youth Organization has taught me many important values that will continue to influence my life in a positive way.Taking part in these activities has taught me many important lessons that have made me become the person I am today and will keep influencing my actions throughout my life.One of the many important values I learned through CYO is teamwork.By definition, teamwork means a cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team in the interests of a common cause.In a successful team, one person does not carry all of the responsibility.Having made Confirmation this year, I have realized that fortitude, a gift of the Holy Spirit, is evident in all aspects of the Catholic Youth Organization.Fortitude is the strength of mind and determination towards a goal.


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