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Advertising plays a big role in the commencement of smoking (Bernards, Neal, and Tom Modl 204).Media advertisers normalize drugs and the World State mimics this with soma, a narcotic.

Advertising plays a big role in the commencement of smoking (Bernards, Neal, and Tom Modl 204).Media advertisers normalize drugs and the World State mimics this with soma, a narcotic.

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Taking advantage of such bonds and promoting their brands by social media is a common theme of marketers (“Peers Have”).

Teens rely on their peers for what is the latest in the market.

Marketers use social media sites to exploit teens since they blur the line between what is marketing and what is not (Chester, Jeff, and Kathryn Montgomery).

Advertisers use youth collaborators to promote and expedite their sales, mirroring the way people among the World State influence each other into decisions.

Advertisers show drug use as a common component in society (Chester, Jeff, and Kathryn Montgomery).

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Annually, two billion ads about alcohol and six billion ads about tobacco are shown with memos appealing to teens (Clark).

Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco have been glamorized in the media (Clark).

Youth are surrounded by commercial culture since infantry; there is no surprise when these messages become disastrous (“Children, Adolescents”).

The idea of complying with a certain type of consumerism is shown by Huxley in Brave New World. Marketers have begun to continuously encourage collaboration.

Youth increasingly create their own content, which paves the way for the idea of co-creating; brand-advocating bonds are enriched through marketers sponsoring young creators (Chester, Jeff, and Kathryn Montgomery).


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