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He was responsible for management activity and could not perform it well because he spent a lot of his working time directly with the computer instead of working with people.What is important is that a lot of interviewees appeared to be reluctant to change their job positions just to remain in the posts that presupposed the frequent use of computers.As it was mentioned above social lives of computer addicts are also affected.

Our claim is that computer addiction exists, humanity needs to be extremely cautious of its bad effects and it has to work out appropriate treatment to help computer dependent people to solve their problems.

The reality of modern life is such that personal computers and Internet access have been proliferating across the world.

An increasing mental health concern, cyber disorders such as Internet addiction disorder (IAD), also known as pathologic Internet use (PIU) have been identified to diagnose serious issues related to Internet use (Young & Rogers 25).

The side effects of Internet addiction will be discussed below, whereas at the beginning the general considerations as for the term ‘computer addiction’ are offered.

Computer Addiction: Side Effects and Possible Solutions Since 1979 when the first microcomputer started coming to the United States and Great Britain there has been a very extensive growth in the areas of computers and drugs.

The simultaneity of these two occurrences and the scales of people’s involvement with computers gave way to emergence of the term ‘computer addiction’ in the early 1980s.

‘My school work suffers’, ‘It was an impediment to my degree, I should have been reading books’, ‘It detracts from my schoolwork’, ‘I did very poorly at university in the first two years – it was detrimental to my coursework and I nearly got thrown out for hacking into the university’s Prime system’ were the most common answers of those who realized that they were achieving lower standards academically (Shotton 212).

But along with these statements the students showed their certainty about the fact that they were more likely to find jobs related to computing than to the spheres they were prepared for at their educational establishments, due to constant work at computer they felt confident in this sphere.

They all showed belief in the occurrence of the syndrome of computer dependency.

Though the respondents did not consider the syndrome to be a widespread problem believing that it affected only a few individuals among the vast number of computer users but the research still confirmed the existence of the syndrome of computer dependency (Shotton 20). Maressa Hecht Orzack, the founder and coordinator of the Computer Addiction Service, singles out psychological and physical symptoms of computer addiction.


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