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He was Christopher Johnson Mc Candless, a fine man but stubborn with his own idealism.He disappeared immediately after graduating from college with honors on the summer of 1990, donated his grad school fund of ,000 to Oxfam, abandoned his car and belongings, burnt all the cash and identity, changed his name into Alexander Supertramp and started wandering across Northern California. He was very much influenced by Leo Tolstoy who gave up his wealth and wandered into woods.

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How far would you go and what would you do in order to keep her alive?

The motion picture “My Sister’s Keeper” sets out to put you into this position and does not fail in making you feel every tear jerking moment.

Into The Wild Everybody expects to see the best parts of the book when going to see a movie that is based on a book, but most of the time “The book is better than the movie” and that is what happened in Into the Wild.

The movie’s theme is somehow same but the way it is presented quite different than the book.

Kennedy, is an account of the Cuban Missile Crisis based on the view of Robert F. This book contains Kennedy's thoughts about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the actions that he and the rest of the United States cabinet took to prevent a nuclear disaster and World War III.

There is also a movie based on the book starring Kevin Costner.

In some instances it was not even essential to show how the teenager was so infatuated by Chris in the movie because Krakuer barely mentioned.

It was same with the two German couple in the book it was written that he got a ride from them whereas in the movie, they advised Chris on how to go to Mexico.

She is tossed into a world where sunlight and cheerful discourse seem as rare as the attention she receives oncologist as a precautionary measure.

The diagnosis you receive is one you never could have expected; she leukemia.


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