Compare And Contrast Essay Musicians

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The dazzling crescendo plans upon your Inner ear and Incite the deepest imagination, thoughts of glory, of love and of hate enter your mind.

Then as the decrescendo begins to flow in, you return to yourself.

Usually classical music is often perceived as opulent, only appreciated by the upper class.

Classical music mostly features in pop music forming background music for movies, television program, and advertisement.

The performance of classical music demands a significant level of technical mastery on the part of the musician, thorough understanding of tonal and harmonic principles, hence one has to go through proper training before learning this type of music.

Today classical music has an elite patronage whereas pop music has more universal appeal.

Classical music did for music what the printing press did for the news.

Taking the radical roots of our distant ancestors and coupling it with math, the master of classical music no only inspired people living in their generations, but people to come for centuries to come.

It is not usually written, performed, and recorded as a symphony or concerto.

The basic form for pop music is the song, which usually consists of verse and repeated chorus. However, classical music is a complex form of music, which requires high musical skills, and ability to coordinate with other musicians.


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