College Essays On Affirmative Action

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He stated that this system is useful to eliminate discrimination for the admissions in colleges, as racism is prevailing in the education system, and students of color have to face difficulties for getting admission in colleges (Sherpa).

Anthony Marx, president of Amherst College stated that high-class colleges are not superior nor terrible, because they do not admit lower income students.

Background and History The affirmative action can be evaluated based on its wider context, but history of this system is only documented for education and academic terms.

The President of USA signed an executive order in 1961, where affirmative action used as a term related to civil rights.

Nevertheless, it was revealed that the intended outcomes of these programs were not according to expectations of the authorities.

The Supreme Court heard another two cases related to affirmative action in 2003, where the first case was between .

The basic problem for affirmative action is that most of the people relate this system with individual’s color, despite the fact that admission granted to the applicant is based on other considerations.

The people against and in favor of this system have valid reasons to support their arguments (Moore).

An associate justice named Clarence Thomas said that his law degree was not valuable in front of the employees, because he was black.

According to a South African judge, significance of law degree from Yale was different for black people and different for white people.


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